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Hot Sale LeapTV™ Nickelodeon PAW Patrol: Storm Rescuers Educational, Active Video Game Ages 3-5 yrs.

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Jump, run and dig with the team of heroic pups on six rescue missions to fix a big storm's big mess.

Whale wash

Aim the pointer to help Marshall hose down a beached baby whale. Shake the controller so you don't run out of water!

Chase on the case

Track footprints with Chase and collect clues to find animals scattered by the storm.

Pup treat toss

Wave your arms to grab as many treats as you can. There are six different treat types for each pup and mission.

River rescue

Tilt and turn to navigate Skye's helicopter and remove items that don't belong in the river.

Dig dog

Shake the pointer to help Rubble dig for items buried in a snowslide. Then sort and classify them … and dig some more!

Discovery dive

Light the way for Zuma to find lost underwater crates, and match animals with the types of food they eat.

Turbine trouble

Twist and shake the controller to tighten bolts and hammer out dents with Rocky. Then spin it to get the turbines moving.

Ways to play

Use body motion to grab treats. Shake the controller to spray water and shovel snow. Use the pointer to track and steer.

  • Product dimensions:  5.4Wx8.3Hx.6D
  • Product weight:  0.2 lbs
  • Animals
  • Life Science
  • Making Observations
  • Sorting & Classifying