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Hot Sale LeapReader™ Interactive Reading Game: Animal Adventure Ages 4-8 yrs.

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Play this interactive board game alone or with friends— complete challenges and mini-games as you race to win.

Animal instincts

Activate each player's special animal ability like the snowy owl's silent flight, the leopard's sneak attack and more!

Animals & ecosystems

Excite their curiosity as they practice thinking like a scientist and learning about animals and adaptations.

Reading challenges

Introduce new science vocabulary in a playful way with the animal action cards and included Field Guide.

5 mini-games

Use deductive reasoning, scientific classification and scientific thinking skills to complete engaging mini-games.

About the series

In this game, children prepare for a lifetime of scientific discovery by building and applying these skills as they learn about the characteristics of a diverse array of animals.

  • Product dimensions:  6.8Wx9.5Hx.6D
  • Product weight:  1.3 lbs
  • Animals
  • Ecosystems
  • Thinking Like a Scientist