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Genuine LeapTV™ Blaze and the Monster Machines Ages 3-5 yrs.

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The race is on to recover the track pieces needed to build a super-duper stunt track and be the first to race on it!

Lane racing

Steer past obstacles and jump the correct ramps using knowledge of trajectories and force.

Transform Blaze

Use body motion to transform Blaze into a machine that can conquer track obstacles.

Super-duper stunt track

Place collected ramps, loops and simple machines to build a super-duper stunt track fit for a monster machine!

Race A Friend

Race against a friend! The challenge adjusts to each player so you can race at your level.(Requires two controllers.)

Super-duper stunt track free play

The pieces you collect form your custom track. You decide how high, how far, how fast and how tricky your stunts are!

Ways to play

Body motion transforms Blaze into a monster machine. Point the controller to collect track pieces. Race against a friend.

  • Product dimensions:  5.9Wx4.6Hx7.5D
  • Product weight:  0.3 lbs
  • Number Recognition
  • Physical Science
  • Problem Solving
  • Simple Machines